EU Programme “Creative Europe 2014-2020”


Since January 2014, the “Creative Europe 2014-2020” Programme has been the new EU support programme for culture and the audiovisual sector. This new programme incorporates the sub-programme “Culture” and the sub-programme «MEDIA».

What is the Programme about?

  • it ensures and promotes the European cultural and linguistic diversity and strengthens the cultural wealth of Europe,

  • it contributes to the goals of Europe for smart, sustainable and inclusive development,

  • it enables the cultural and creative sectors to adapt to the digital era and the globalisation

  • it creates new international opportunities, markets and audiences

A. Sub-programme “Culture”

1. Projects of cross-border cooperation between organisations of the cultural and creative sector, having their seat in the countries which participate in the programme, inside and outside the EU

The next call is going to be published in August 2015 and the deadline for submission of applications is in October 2015. For further information:

2. Translation and promotion of literary works in the markets across the EU

The call was published in November 2014 and the deadline is on 4/2/2015. For further information: and

3. Networks which enable the cultural and creative sectors to be expanded transnationally and to strengthen their competitiveness. For further information:

4. Platforms of cultural organisations which promote emerging artists and encourage the Europe-wide programming of cultural and artistic activities.

The call was published in December 2014 with the deadline in 25/2/2015. For further information: and

You can find the Creative Europe Desks of all the countries participating in the Programme at the following website:

The Creative Europe Programme also supports:

The European Capitals of Culture and the European Heritage Label, as well as the European awards of literature, architecture, protection of the cultural heritage, film and rock and pop music.

Eligible organisations:

Public, private, NGOs and other organisations and entities which are active in the creative, audiovisual and cultural sector and have been established for at least 2 years before the deadline of the submission of the proposal.

For further information:

For the “Culture” sub-programme:

Creative Europe Desk Greece

Directorate of International Relations and European Union/ Department of European Union

Ministry of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs 

1, Nikitara st.,

GR-106 78 Athens

Tel.: (0030) 210 3313848, 210 3230894


For the sub-programme “MEDIA”:

Greek Film Center

Mrs Anna Kassimati (responsible for European programmes)

7, Aeropagitou st.,

GR-11742 Athens

Tel.: (0030) 210 3234 414


At the site of the Programme

Where can I submit an application:

At the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA)